Monday, 29 June 2015

AmTrust EPLI product: low-cost and absolutely vital—it’s a win-win

Employment-related claims are a serious risk to any business. To lessen that risk, AmTrust offers Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage—a comprehensive, low-cost product that is necessary to protect small businesses from employment practices liability exposure, especially in today’s lawsuit-happy world.

Our EPLI product provides free risk management services that were previously available only to larger companies. In addition, our EPLI product provides the insured with coordination of defense counsel, rather than selecting their own, which has shown to reduce costs by more than 35%.

Types of Coverage
The AmTrust EPLI product provides coverage for all employees including full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, volunteers and dedicated independent contractors and includes both Standard and Enhanced coverage options. The enhanced version covers inappropriate third party conduct and punitive damages.

EPLI-related Insured Events include:
Sexual harassment
Wrongful termination/demotion/discipline
Failure to hire/promote/fire/demote
Wrongful infliction of emotional distress
False imprisonment/detention, malicious prosecution
Libel, slander, defamation of character
Invasion of privacy
The website,, provides the following resources:
Online training to prevent sexual harassment—that meets stringent requirements in several states
Online training for following proper procedures of employee terminations
Online training to prevent employee discrimination
Information on compliance with wage and hour laws
Customizable employment policies and procedures, available in English and Spanish
Example employee handbooks
Human resources policies
EPLI is straightforward, low cost, and is easy to add

The AmTrust EPLI product has every advantage and no downside. EPLI can be automatically added to class-qualified policies; it has straightforward underwriting rules; and it is low cost.

Additionally, our EPLI product also provides personal contact within 24-48 hours of all claims submitted; and, includes a risk management website for both agents and insured’s.
For additional information on EPLI coverage, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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