Saturday, 29 June 2013

AMT Service Corp Offer the Extended Service Plans

AMT warranty offers the extended service plan deals where clients find the highest level of products proper protection against future breakdowns of their new purchase - beyond the item's original OEM warranty. By using AMT Service Corp, customers may get help with the company's developed specialized programs to meet up with your individual business needs. The company helps guide you extended service plans provide value to you plus your customers.

AMT Service Corp extended service plans can be written that include the following features:

Replacing and also Repair Programs

1- to 4-Year Extended Terms and conditions

Upgrades: Accidental Damages, On-site Service, Express Services (Laptops/Notebooks)

Store, Catalog and Online Delivery Help

Simplified Program Design as well as Implementation Methods

Extended service plans absolutely are a worthwhile venture for retail stores, distributors and manufacturers.

AMT Warranty will offer for the underwriting or manage the administration of ESPs, or if you want, they can look after both.

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